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Ein silberner Bilderrahmen in Aluminium

Bilderrahmen 60×80 silber matt, Metallrahmen, Aluminium, Drehspannfedern


  • Bilderrahmenfarbe: silber matt
  • Bildformat: 60x80
  • Material: Aluminium, Metall
  • Profilhöhe: 20mm
  • Profilbreite: 10mm
  • Wechselrahmen: ja
  • Sichtfenster Echtglas: ja
  • Passepartout geeignet: ja
  • Rückwand: HDF, Hoch-Dichte-Faserplatte
  • Rückwandbefestigung: Drehspannfedern; einfaches Austauschen der Bilder

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Due to the narrow profile of the picture frame is not dominant to the image, and adapts to its environment very well.

This massive aluminum strip is our classic. A simple elegant frame in which actually every picture looks good. The brushed side edge underlines the high-quality look. It is an A-brand product from our series OSLO MasterLine.

You can hang the photo frame (across or upright).

Large picture frames with real glass can be damaged when loading the pictures. Therefore, most companies send frames with an image size of 60×80 cm only with Plexiglas (also known as acrylic glass or PMMA). While not as fragile as glass, this material is more easily scratched and worse to clean. In addition, the luminosity of the colors of an image is impaired. In addition, often too thin Plexiglas is processed in large frames. This affects the resilience of the picture frame, and pictures can permanently form waves in the frame.

The back wall is made of HDF (also 100% FSC certified). In contrast to MDF back walls, the high-density fibreboards have the advantage that they are produced by a dry process and do not „warp“ quickly. If you do not hang the frame directly into the shower, your picture with this frame can also beautify your bathroom. The attachment of the rear wall to the frame by means of rotary / tension springs. This increases the stability and simplifies the replacement of images; You do not need an additional tool.

In addition, the frame has enough tension, so you can also insert a passe-partout to 1.8 mm.

The insert of the frame is stamped, so you can easily insert a picture of 40×60. All you need to do is remove the perforated inner part from the OSLO insert. However, it is visually more beautiful if you use a bevel cut mat for smaller pictures. The picture is then optically deeper, and overall, it gets a much higher quality charisma.

If you are not sure how to frame a passe-partout and picture together, here is  some information.

We offer this frame in the colors:

  • gold matt
  • shiny gold
  • bright gold shiny
  • matt silver
  • shiny silver
  • graphite and
  • black, as well as in various other sizes (from 13×18 to 70×100).

Do you have anymore questions?

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